FormaHoof ® Right Extension

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The new FormaHoof® foal molds have been designed to assist with many different conformation issues in foal hoof development. This gives experienced Equine professionals the tools needed to support the foal’s legs and feet through its early development period.

The medial and lateral support application are designed to support the developing leg, while ensuring balance in the hoof capsule.

The FormaHoof® foal molds allow the easy application of the FormaHoof® AP to the hoof capsule giving the user full control of the product while it sets.

The product can be cooled by placing it in the fridge or icebox before it is applied to the hoof. This greatly reduces the heat of the product during the curing process, so the foals are not affected by the heat of the application.



  1. Quick application process, because the FormaHoof® AP cures under a controlled environment (mold)
  2. Low curing temperature of the application, which doesn’t cause any discomfort to the foal.
  3. FormaHoof® AP is a non-osmotic product, so it doesn’t leach the proteins from the hoof wall.
  4. Can be easily removed without damaging the hoof capsule.
  5. Safer for the foal in a heard situation since the streamlined design makes it hard for other horses to step on.


We recommend that only trained professionals apply FormaHoof® Foal Extensions.