FormaHoof ® Heel Extension

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Important note: In order to use the Heel Extension you require to purchase the Barefoot Mold of the same size.

The new FormaHoof® foal molds have been designed to assist with many different conformation issues in foal hoof development. This gives experienced Equine professionals the tools needed to support the foal’s legs and feet through its early development period.

The FormaHoof Toe extension applications can be trimmed to various lengths and are predominantly used in the treatment of club feet in foals and young horses. The extension in the toe acts as a lever during breakover and forces an extension of the coffin joint up to the point where the heels touch the ground. This increases the tension on the deep flexor tendon which in turn should lead to the stretching of the corresponding muscle. The typical hoof conformation seen in these foals is caused by the downward rotation of the tip of the coffin bone by the Deep Digital Flexor Tendon. The severity of the rotation is classified as stage I or stage II. A stage I deformity is present when the front of the hoof is less than vertical or vertical. With stage II contracture, the dorsal hoof wall passes beyond the vertical, tipping slightly forward. FormaHoof toe extensions prevent this and aid with correct realignment of the hoof pastern axis.

The FormaHoof® foal molds allow the easy application of the FormaHoof® AP to the hoof capsule giving the user full control of the product while it sets.

The product can be cooled by placing it in the fridge or icebox before it is applied to the hoof. This greatly reduces the heat of the product during the curing process, so the foals are not affected by the heat of the application.



  1. Quick application process, because the FormaHoof® AP cures under a controlled environment (mold)
  2. Low curing temperature of the application, which doesn’t cause any discomfort to the foal.
  3. FormaHoof® AP is a non-osmotic product, so it doesn’t leach the proteins from the hoof wall.
  4. Can be easily removed without damaging the hoof capsule.
  5. Safer for the foal in a heard situation since the streamlined design makes it hard for other horses to step on.


We recommend that only trained professionals apply FormaHoof® Foal Extensions.