FormaHoof FAQs

How will FormaHoof Podiatry System help my horse?

The FormaHoof system was developed with the horse in mind, considering that each horse is different. It provided support and protection to both the hard and soft structures of the hoof. FormaHoof is the equivalent of dipping your finger in warm wax and having an outer skin form over your finger as a protective coating. FormaHoof provides a level of podiatry support that recreates the natural hoof function of a healthy hoof capsule, including sole depth, hoof wall integrity, expansion and contraction. FormaHoof can be used for all equine sports, laminitis, white line disease, hoof cracks, quarter cracks, thin soles, high/low syndrome, negative palmar angles, imbalanced hoof capsules and other injuries.



How many different sizes do I need?

This depends on the number of horses you manage and the size of each horse. We have a range of sizes that cover foals, all the way to draft horses. Please view our sizing charts on each product page.


How many different types of molds are there?

Currently we have released 5 products:


  1. FormaHoof Barefootis an innovative podiatry system to support and mimic the natural barefoot and function of the hoof. It is a thin profile application which is kind to the hoof providing comfort and support. It helps by resorting the proper angles in the foot and adds a protective layer of flexible material to spread the force of impact when stepping on sharp objects to avoid bruising or punctures. It can be used to treat laminitis, white line disease, hoof cracks, quarter cracks, thin soles, high/low syndrome, negative palmar angles, imbalanced hoof capsules and other injuries.


  1. FormaHoof Performanceis specifically designed for the racing community. It provides a slim-fit and aesthetically pleasing molded shoe that optimizes the performance of equine athletes, giving them comfort and support, no matter the demands of their training program. Using FormaHoof Performance significantly reduces the risks associated with traditional shoeing and helps maintain the horse in optimum hoof health.


  1. FormaHoof HP Tractiondelivers an advanced traction pattern that can be worn in a stable safely, the HP traction shoe wears down naturally and can be retreaded as required, without applying a new shoe. This is achieved without the inconvenience of screw-in and screw-out studs and reduces the risk of self-inflicted injury and injury to other horses from accidentally treading on themselves and others with sharp metal studs. Our HP traction shoe is a lighter, faster shoe with a comfortable supportive power range allowing you more speed and flexibility similar to the technologies used in high performance molded human footwear. Our HP Traction Shoe will most often be seen in speed sports, such as eventing, rodeo, high goal polo, and show jumping.


  1. FormaHoof Foal Extensions have been designed to assist with many different conformation issues in foal hoof development. This gives experienced Equine professionals the tools needed to support the foal’s legs and feet through its early development period.


  1. FormaHoof Reform focuses on horses that are suffering from acute Laminitis or other hoof care problems and a metal shoe cannot be applied. The FormaHoof Reform System helps extend the hoof wall that would normally take 6-12 months to grow by elevating the sole and spreading the weight equally around the hoof wall.


For additional information please look at the product pages.


What are the FormaHoof Molds made of?

They are made of a food grade silicon, so not even germs can stick to them. This allows the FormaHoof AP (Advance Polymer) to attach to the hoof wall and not to the mold. The FormaHoof mold is not left on the horse permanently, it is only left on for 5-10 minutes to allow the FormaHoof Advance Polymer to cure/harden.


Do these go over regular shoes or barefoot?

They go on barefoot. Do not apply them over regular shoes.


Does it work well on thin soles?

Yes, it works wonders on horses with thin soles.



What is FormaHoof AP (Advance Polymer) made of?

It is made of a 2-part polyurethane, that is designed to perform as both Hoof and support material.

FormaHoof AP is also non-osmotic meaning there is no leaching of proteins out of the hoof tissue, as other hoof repair products.


How hot does FormaHoof AP get?

As part of the curing process the 2 active parts of the FormaHoof AP mix and heat is generated as part of the chemical reaction. The product cures at a peak heat of 90 degrees centigrade for only a few seconds and does NOT cause any discomfort to the horse. This peak curing temperature can be reduced by keeping the FormaHoof AP in a cold environment before use.


What is the difference between FormaHoof AP and FormaHoof AP Flex 70?

FormaHoof AP Flex 70 is a softer material which is used on the sole area of the hoof to provide comfort for Laminitis cases. FormaHoof AP is a tougher material that mimics the properties of the hoof wall. The FormaHoof AP can be used to extend the hoof wall and to protect the sole area from hard terrain.



How long does the FormaHoof Mold Shoe last?

Like the old saying “Horse for Courses”. The longevity of the FormaHoof application depends on several factors. The first is preparation of the hoof surface prior to application.  Secondly the quality of the application. Thirdly is the condition the horse is kept in i.e. Dry or wet muddy conditions.

The FormaHoof Podiatry system provides a good seal around the hoof while the FormaHoof AP is injected into it. Since the FormaHoof AP is injected in one application and not applied in multiple layers it forms in the shape of the hoof while it is liquid. While the FormaHoof AP hardens it locks onto the shape of the hoof as much as the adhesive properties of the FormaHoof AP.

In good conditions and applied correctly the application will last 4-5 weeks for horses in work and 5-7 on paddock horses.



How does this work for horses that have foundered and is there living proof that it does work

Yes, this absolutely does work for foundered horses with acute and chronic laminitis. It helps to rebuild the hoofs natural architecture by adding concavity to the hoof. It provides support and distributes the weight to the hoof wall elevating the sole to provide comfort, allowing the hoof to grow.

To treat laminitis a proper treatment plan is needed. FormaHoof is part of that treatment plan.


You can find case studies on Formahoof’s Facebook page, website and Youtube channel.



Can the hoof breathe while it is in the FormaHoof Podiatry System?

Yes, it can. We specifically chose a material that is not as sticky as other materials on the market since the FormaHoof application locks onto the hoof shape and does not require to stick onto the hoof tissues. Water will always work its way under the solar surface of the FormaHoof application this is not a problem as this allows the foot to breathe.


What about moisture and bacterial growth?

If there is a problem with bacterial growth you can apply hoof medication to the affected areas, allowing you to treat any hoof bacteria, while keeping the medication in place once you have applied the FormaHoof podiatry system. If it is a healthy hoof the FormaHoof podiatry system allows the hoof to naturally hydrate itself while keeping foreign debris from contaminating the hoof structures.


What is the risk of thrush with this system? Does any debris get inside the FormaHoof Application?

You can treat existing thrush or medicate to prevent thrush while keeping feces and urine out of the hoof capsule. Please note that you need to clean and prepare the hoof capsule thoroughly before applying the FormaHoof Podiatry System. If you have a solid application, debris will not be able to get inside as the shape of the molded application will keep it out, but still allow the hoof to breathe.


How do you remove The FormaHoof Podiatry System?

Just rasp the 2 toe quarters and peel it off from the heels.


How do I remove FormaHoof AP from myself or from my horse?

Spray some WD40 on the area that has come in contact with the FormaHoof AP and wipe it off. Then wash the area with soap. When applying FormaHoof AP always wear protective gloves as it is easier to clean off.



How does this hold up? I live on rocky mountain terrain, which means there's a lot of rocks.

Our innovative podiatry system support’s and mimic’s the natural barefoot and function of the hoof while protecting it from sharp objects such as rocks. The FormaHoof AP material is a flexible durable material, which absorbs and spreads the impact/force of sharp objects around the hoof. This protects the hoof from any bruising or punctures. We have conducted many case studies on extremely rocky terrains in Australia and the middle east, we have seen them last 4 to 5 weeks.


Feel free to check our video which demonstrates how the Formahoof AP material protects the hoof.



Can a horse be ridden and jumped?

Yes, you can resume normal movement and jumps.


Hooves have internal issues, why force it into a better shape instead of diet change, thrush treatment and good trimming? If this is a tough material doesn't it stop the hoof flexion and thus the natural function?

The FormaHoof system is just 1 section of a complete hoof management system. The FormaHoof Barefoot design has been created from 3D scans of good healthy hoof capsules. The injectable resin is a flexible polyurethane, so it mimics the hoof capsules natural flexibility. The 3D molded application allows you to re-orientate the coronary band and the growth of the horn tubules while they are unloaded. It is designed to be trimmed as required depending on the application, because every horse is different.


If you have a horse that can’t stand with one leg up for a length of time will this work?

You just need to keep the leg up long enough to inject the base of the mold. This can be achieved using a support if required. The sides can be done with the hoof placed on the floor.


More Information Required?

Thank you for your interest in our products. please send an email to with your questions/requirements. We would be happy to help.