FormaHoof ® Barefoot Front Foot Mold

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FormaHoof ® Barefoot, (patent pending), is an innovative podiatry system to support and mimic the natural barefoot and function of the hoof. The mold applies a thin profile of FormaHoof ® AP resin to the hoof, which provides comfort and support to the hoof without the need for nails or glue.

It has the natural foot shape and function. It allows the horse’s foot to naturally heal and regrow, while in a protective layer of flexible FormaHoof ® AP. It is used for rehab applications and as a general hoof protection.

Some cases that are addressed with this system are:

1. High/Low Heel Syndrome - Rebuild the heels to get the correct biomechanics back into the foot. 

2. White line disease - Once the affected area has been removed and/or cleaned, medication can be applied prior to applying the FormaHoof system. The FormaHoof system will keep the medication in place and seal it off from any bacteria, dirt or debris, protecting and stabilizing the hoof capsule while it heals.

3. Chronic Laminitis -  Helps create sole depth and stability to the recovering hoof capsule. Medication can also be applied under the application.

 Size chart is located with the images.

Make sure you have the following items in order to use this system:

FormaHoof ® AP Resin

Mixing Tips

Applicator Gun